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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have toilets/baby change facilities?

Yes, we do.

What is the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D and HD-Live?

2D scans are the black and white scan used in the hospital. The ultrasound used to make the 4D/HD-Live images is the same as that used in the 2D black and white you see in the hospital.

We use a special probe, and the machines software processes the images differently to make a 4D image.

4D is simply a moving 3D image, during a 4D Scan we use both 3 & 4D, the live scan that you see on the screen is called 4D, and the still images we print out are 3D. The 4D may be purchased on a DVD ( please notify us prior to your scan if you would like one of these) HD (high definition) is another version of 4D providing clearer pictures. Again it is simply a moving 3D image. HD (high definition) is an upgraded version of 3/4D that shows you your baby in a clearer picture

When is best to have a 3D/4D scan?

A 3/4D scan can be done at any time in your pregnancy from 13 weeks. For the best results we advise having your scan done between 26 and 31 weeks. Although scans outside of this range can still give fantastic results, this is dependent on the position of the baby and the placenta, the amount of fluid and the size of baby at the time of the scan.

Take a look at our gallery for some examples. For twins and multiple pregnancies we recommend you come when you are at no more than 26 weeks.

Other factors that may affect the quality of the 3D/4D images are BMI of mummy – this is because ultrasound uses sound waves that have to travel through the tissue, the higher the amount of tissue the further they have to travel, therefore the less clearer the image will be. If your placenta is anterior (at the front) we recommend you try and come before 29 weeks to avoid disappointment. If you are past this stage we are happy for you to pop in for us to have a look if we think we will be able to get images of your baby.

What if I don't wish to know the gender of my baby?

We want this to be a fantastic experience for you so don’t be shy to ask questions. If you don’t want to know tell us, the ultrasound scanner will base the majority of your scan around the facial features so it is not possible for you to see the sex at all.

What machine do you use?

Hello Baby uses the latest, and top of the range, Voluson E8 Ultrasound scanner from GE.

Can I bring small children along to my scan with me?

Yes, children of all ages are welcome to come along to your scan. This is a family event, and everyone can be involved. We understand that children often get restless, and with this is mind, we have a children’s waiting area where they can play with toys or watch DVDs. All children MUST be supervised at all times by an adult – unfortunately members of staff are unable to supervise children.

How many people can come with me to my scan?

This is a joyous occasion and we know that hospitals are strict on who can and can’t come in and see your baby.

We understand you may want to bring people with you to support you and celebrate your news. We’re able to sit up to four additional guests within our scanning room, however if you wish to bring more, we’re happy to accommodate. Just get in touch.

Will a scan for multiple pregnancies cost extra?

No. We can scan twins/multiple pregnancies within the scan time that you choose however, please consider, that twins/multiple pregnancies tend to be quite close together and therefore more difficult to scan. And they may not both/all be facing upwards also so it takes time to get pictures of both/all faces.

We would recommend that you take our 30 minute scan if you’re carrying more than one baby during your pregnancy but this, of course, is up to you.

Do I still need to have my NHS appointment?

Hello Baby is a private clinic. Should there be anything we are concerned about during your scan, we will liaise with the NHS following their medical referral pathway.

If you do attend Hello Baby for scans for your peace of mind, these can be done before and inbetween your NHS scans.

It is important you understand you should still attend your standard NHS scans.

Will my scan detect any abnormalities should my baby have any?

Should we notice something unusual, that we are unsure or concerned about, during your scan we have a medical referral pathway in place to the correct place within the NHS for further medical investigation and diagnosis.

Is it harmful?

There is currently no evidence to suggest that ultrasound scans are harmful. Ultrasound during pregnancy is widely accepted as safe for both mother and baby. We scan within the guidelines set out by BMUS (The British Medical Ultrasound Society) and do not scan for longer than is necessary. Our ultrasound machine is used in accordance with the manufacturers safety guidelines. For further information please see the below links from Health Protection Agency and Public Health England.

It is perfectly normal for parents to be concerned about any risks that ultrasound scanning may pose for the fetus. Parents should be well informed about both the risks and benefits of ultrasound scanning before making any decision to carry out a scan, both at our boutique and at hospital.

The following links will provide you with lots of useful information to help you feel comfortable in making a decision to book your scan with us:

HPA guidance https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/ultrasound-and-infrasound-health-effects

British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS) https://www.bmus.org/

BMUS statement regarding ultrasound safety https://www.bmus.org/

BMUS statement regarding public safety https://www.bmus.org/

PHE and HPA statement regarding Ultrasound: what it is, how it works and impact of exposure https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ultrasound-what-it-is-how-it-works-and-the-impact-of-exposure/ultrasound-what-it-is-how-it-works-and-impact-of-exposure

What happens if I am late for my appointment?

We understand that you may be running a couple of minutes late, however anyone that arrives later than 10 mins for their appointment may not be able to be seen by our ultrasound scanner and you may have to rebook your appointment.

https://hellobaby4dscan.co.uk/scanning-services/gender-scans/There may also be a 50% charge as this will be classed as a missed appointment. (This is at the management’s discretion.) This is to make it fair on people who have appointments booked in for the rest of the day, in order to ensure that their appointments run on time.

Can you tell me the gender of my baby?

We perform gender scans from 13 weeks, our gender scans are 99% accurate.

What is the maximum babies you can scan in one pregnancy?

Five (quintets), however, it is recommended you book a 30min appointment for scans with 2 or more babies as it can be more time consuming to find a clear picture of each baby.

If I have anterior placenta, when is the best time to come for a 4D scan?

We recommend to come before 29 weeks (please note this is only a guide, everybody is different). Anterior means the placenta is at the front, therefore the sound waves will have to go through this before it reaches the baby. As the baby gets bigger, there becomes less room, which causes the babies face to snuggle into the placenta more. If you are past this stage we are happy to try and scan you – if we are unable to get any images in 4D you will just be charged for 2D scan.

Is there an age restriction to have a scan?

Yes, to have a scan you will need to be 18 years old and over. We will ask to sign a consent form with your scan. ID must be provided i.e passport, birth certificate or drivers license.

How long will my appointment take?

We allow 15 minutes for each appointment, however we can sometimes run over in the case of a baby being in the incorrect position. We ask for all of our clients to be understanding in the event of an appointment running over the allotted time. Please note it is a 15 minute appointment, not 15 minute scan, this is to allow time should your baby be in a wrong position and we need to ask you to go for a walk and/or fizzy drink.

Will my deposit be refunded if I cancel my appointment?

No, all £10 deposits are non-refundable. If you have paid in full on the website, please contact us directly for a refund on the scan. However £10 will be deducted as an equivalent of the deposit.

Can I take a video recording during my scan?

Unfortunately, you are not permitted to take any photographs or videos during your scan. If you would like your scan recorded you can purchase a DVD please advise us prior to your scan.

Do I need a full bladder?

Before 20 weeks, yes you do. If you are 20 weeks or more it is not necessary.

How do I prepare for my scan to try to ensure my baby is in a good position and active?

Although there are always factors that affect whether we’re able to successfully carry out the scan, if you follow these simple tips, then it will greatly improve the results:

Relax! Baby can feel your tension, and won’t want to move about.

If you are less than 20 weeks please drink at least 2 litres of water, if you are 20 weeks plus please have an empty bladder.

Keep active. If you’re driving for a while, make sure you walk around a little before your scan to help get baby moving a little.

Try having a fizzy drink and/or a bar of chocolate 10 minutes prior to visit to try and get baby moving.

What if my baby is in the wrong position for 4D?

We advise a lucozade half hour before you come to help baby be active. If we find baby is in the wrong position at the first attempt we will then ask you to either go for a walk or bounce on our pregnancy ball and we may scan another lady whilst you are doing this.

If on your return to the scan room baby is still not in the right position we will book you a rescan free of charge within 7 days.

Are there any risks or side effects?

There are no known risks from the sound waves used in an ultrasound scan. Unlike some other scans, such as CT scans, ultrasound scans don’t involve exposure to radiation.

External and internal ultrasound scans don’t have any side effects and are generally painless, although you may experience some discomfort as the probe is pressed over your skin

Ref NHS.co.uk 2021

How accessible is the clinic for wheelchair access?

All of our doors have been widened to accommodate wheelchair access.
We also have an assist handle in our toilet for accessible use.

Customer Feedback

  • Rachel Wright ★★★★★
    We came to the clinic on NYE and the process was so smooth. Quick questionnaire then on time for the appointment.
    We didn’t want to know the gender and the girls were amazing with it!
    The scan was so clear and it was such a lovely experience
    … More being in the room and seeing our baby.
    We took our own gender reveal idea with us that the girls very kindly filled for us and popped in a black bag so we couldn’t see until we did the gender reveal.
    Amazing prices. Amazing staff. Amazing clinic and the most special end to our 2023.
    We're having a wonderful baby boy! Thank you so much 🩵💙🤍
  • lara mcnorton ★★★★★
    I have been coming to hello baby since I found out I was expecting my little girl 4 years ago. I had early reassurance scans, an early gender scan and also a 4d scan when I was a bit further along. The service was amazing and the staff … More are so lovely and helpful. I am now expecting my 3rd (a little boy) and have had 3 scans (2 early and 1 early gender scan) they were outstanding with our gender scan, we decided to find out via a coloured bear in a box for our 2 little girls to open on holiday and that box was sealed to perfection and they are so discreet I didn't have a clue what colour was inside and I didn't even know that an image of my baby genitals was taken in the room and popped I'm the gender box to, they are outstanding at what they do, and I can't wait to book in a couple more before my due date this summer xx
  • Victoria Wearden ★★★★★
    I’ve visited hellobaby a few times already in my pregnancy for reassurance scans and also our gender scan! Katie is fantastic! Always taking her time to check the baby thoroughly! Very reassuring throughout and makes me feel so relaxed!!! … More I’ve already recommended her to my pregnant friends and will be sure to recommend her to others in the future! The clinic is beautiful and cosy and the lady on reception is so welcoming! It’s just like visiting friends!! With the bonus of an ultrasound 🥰 thank you so much ladies! See you again in a couple of weeks🩷 xx
  • Kate Tunstall ★★★★★
    We had my very first gender scan a few weeks ago . I was made to feel very welcome as soon as we arrived. When we had the scan we were at ease and the Sonographer made us very friendly and we had a good chat and were told we were having … More a little girl. Overall it was an amazing experience one we will never forget. All the staff were friendly and professional. Would highly recommend
  • Justyna Zacharenko ★★★★★
    I would like to say a huge thank you to Hello Baby! I have used them twice for my gender reveal scan and they have done AMAZING job! The sonographer is amazing at her job, she was 100% certain of the gender in both of my pregnancies🥰 she … More made my time at the scan go smooth and with a lot of smiles. I have taken my sister in law for the scan the day after for her gender reveal as I couldn’t wait to find out what she is expecting😍 If I choose to have another baby someday MAYBE 😂 I would definitely come back here and recommend you to all my friends. The trip was worth to drive down 35miles for just the scan ❤️ Thank you ❤️
  • Eliza Delooze ★★★★★
    Amazing place too find out the Gender off you baby’s or even just a reassurance scan, very polite and really lovely too get along with make you feel so welcome🥺 I have 4 children now so I’m not planning on having any more but if it was … More too happen on the future this is definitely the place you need too go too, always smiley always there too help with the door nothings too much hard work Thankyou again highly recommend💗💗💗
  • Emily Hughes ★★★★★
    We came to Hello Baby from our 6 week scan up until our last 4D scan at 29 weeks! The team are so lovely and always made us feel super welcome. We couldn’t recommend anywhere better!
  • Melissa O'Sullivan ★★★★★
    My husband and I have been visiting Hello Baby for both of my pregnancies and we honestly couldn’t recommend them enough. My first pregnancy, 5 years ago, was made so special by the team at Hello Baby and I was left feeling excited and … More proud to be a first time mum with beautiful photos of my gorgeous daughter. This pregnancy, years later, has not seen the service change one bit! Staff are organised, friendly and so happy for their customers. Time is taken to get the best photographs possible and to make each experience unique and special. We are blessed to share our journey as parents with Hello Baby & will always continue to support them x
  • Heidi Brown ★★★★★
    I’ve been to Hello Baby 3 times in my pregnancy and each time has been amazing . The staff are literally the nicest people . I went to another scan place early on in my pregnancy and it was awful and was recommended after that to here . … More The place is spotless and always smells lovely inside when you walk in . Nothing is too much trouble.
    The interior is lovely too and you can always tell real effort goes into making everyone feel welcome and happy 💗 can’t wait till my baby girl is here and I can bring her in to meet you all 💗
  • Laura Mac ★★★★★
    Went to hello baby for a early reassurance/dating scan at 8 weeks, very professional lovely friendly staff..
    Returned today at 19+4 weeks for our gender scan, had the same lady scan us, put my mind at ease so much would highly recommend
    … More 💙💙
  • Sophie Fraser ★★★★★
    Ive been to Hello Baby for both my children! For my little boy a gender scan and a 4d scan and this pregnancy we have been for a dating scan and for a gender scan finding out we are having a little girl! Without fail the staff welcomed … More us with open arms! Katie was amazing! Shes so reassurring at a time when nerves are high! Very thorough and I can’t wait to be back!
    I cannot thank all of you for the most wonderful experience during every visit! 💙💗
  • Amy Cookson ★★★★★
    What a lovely service. The 2 ladies couldn't have been more helpful. I have been here for scans with my twins, my little boy and then returned to have a scan to confirm my miscarriage. We didn't get much support from the hospital … More and hello baby rang me a week after to ask if I needed any advice, support and were just overall lovely. I'm returning Saturday for a gender scan for our rainbow baby.
    Such a lovely welcoming service with staff that really do care and treat you like friends x
  • Rebecca TOPPING ★★★★★
    I've been to Hello Baby a number of times throughout two pregnancies. Every time we have visited we've had a lovely experience. The first we visited was over 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. Ive been again more recently … More to see my second baby.
    The girls in there are lovely and super helpful! Will definitely be back again for future scans x
  • Kieran Thomas ★★★★★
    We met the girls at hello baby when we reached just 6 weeks. We’ve had 4 scans with them so far and each one has been the perfect experience.
    The girls are incredibly welcoming, reassuring and make you feel at ease on every visit.
    We can’t
    … More thank them enough for the moments and memories they’ve given us, getting to see our little one grow, to finding out the gender.
    We’ll most definitely be back for a 4D scan later on in our pregnancy. Thank you ! X
  • Kayt Haxby ★★★★★
    Honestly had the BEST experience at Hello Baby.
    We had a rocky start to our pregnancy so we have been to hello baby 3 times now just so we can feel reassured and one of which was for our gender scan. We have been made to feel welcome and
    … More comfortable every single time, but today has outdone the previous experiences by far. And they were already hard to beat.
    The lady who scanned my wife spent extra time with us, no rushing, evening helped get our baby moving around so we could see him better. She gave us a plenty time, and then even went the extra mile and gave us a tiny glimpse of him in 4D.
    We cannot recommend them enough. Friendly staff, great atmosphere and all round GREAT experience! Deffo worth going! 🥰🥰
  • Harriet Wall ★★★★★
    Had our gender scan today and took the kids so they could be part of it. We travelled quite far for the scan and was well worth it! Really welcoming staff and excellent service at the scan. Scan was really clear and we could clearly see … More he was a boy 💙💙 would definitely recommend.
  • And ★★★★★
    Loved our experience at Hello Baby 😃 been here twice ... once in 2018, and again in February 2021. I wanted the gender of my baby kept a surprise as we wanted a gender reveal cannon, and they did not disappoint or give anything away! Staff … More are very friendly and polite. Thank you so much again! Would recommend 5***
  • Merf.Wendy Price ★★★★★
    I came here for a private scan because I was not sure how far gone I was. I got a shock to realise I was already half way through pregnancy and I was having a boy. Came here again for a bonding scan and got some lovely photos. The staff … More were really friendly and I enjoyed the experience. Would definitely recommend xxx
  • Kayla H ★★★★★
    Lovely experience for our first scan! We went for an early reassurance scan and that’s exactly what we got. We turned up at the wrong time but they still fitted us in there and then no waiting around. Would recommend to others in the future … More
  • Jane Jones ★★★★★
    Amazing Experience
    I came to Hello Baby with my daughter for an Early and Bonding Scan, unfortunately they was closed for the gender due to lockdown.
    We had the best experience on both occasions, the receptionist was lovely and friendly
    … More and Katie was fantastic and very professional with what she does.
    On my daughters 1st scan she was too early to detect a heart beat so Katie very kindly offered us to come back the following week for a re scan. It was emotional to hear Katie offering her congratulations the following week and we got the best pictures you can get at such a early date.
    The bonding scan, Katie tried her best and wasn’t going to give up as the baby was in the wrong position, we was told to go for a walk and for my daughter to drink a lucozade.
    Upon our return, the baby had moved position and Katie again got us some amazing images.
    Everybody we met at Hello Baby was warm, welcoming and friendly, nothing was to much trouble and wasn’t rushed.
    We was asked on each occasion if we was happy with the scan pictures before buying them.
    Would definitely recommend and wouldn’t go any where else.
    Thank you Katie and team 💕
  • Annie Kay ★★★★★
    Visited with my Daughter and Son in law. Had the most fantastic experience and loved seeing my little Grandson on screen. Kate was brilliant and everyone made us feel so welcome. Highly recommended.
  • Charlotte Hewitt ★★★★★
    19 week gender scan so professional, nicola on reception was very helpful getting me booked in and arranging my gender reveal heart beat bear. Katie scanned me and told me an my partner when to look away and gave us lots of good views of … More our baby on the screen. I will definitely be booking 3d poss 4d scan in a few weeks. Thanks girls xx
  • J R ★★★★★
    My daughter suprised me with a 4D scan of my first grandchild.
    We were able to see a lovely image of my new granddaughter.
    The staff made our visit so special.
    Super friendly with a personal touch.
    Very memorable.
    Thankyou girls ♥️x
  • Ian Cousins ★★★★★
    What can I say! Katie made our day magical from the moment we walked in. Her care and enthusiasm for our gender reveal was amazing.
    Our little boy wouldn't move but Katie expertly got him in position to achieve some amazing pictures
    … More and footage of him. Thank you all at hello baby!
  • Henna Hussain ★★★★★
    David is amazing! By far the funniest, genuine and caring man I have ever come across. Thank you for the warm hospitality and advice. I will definitely be coming here for my scans in the very near future!
  • Lucy Owen ★★★★★
    I went today for my gender scan. I would highly recommend hello baby. Both ladies who was on shift was kind, friendly and welcoming. I felt comfortable during my scan, the lady was patient and reassuring throughout. Thanks for a nice experience … More and I look forward to seeing you again later in pregnancy 😊 ♥

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